Women on the Move Health and Violence among undocumented Women Migrants to Europe


    Plambech heads the project "Women on the Move" with Open Society Foundations which engages with the contemporary ‘European migration crisis’ in relation to the urgent issue of women as refugees and migrants

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    Gender and Justice Neoliberal Transformations in a Global Perspective


    ‘Gender, Justice and Neoliberal Transformations’ at Columbia University in New York.

    The Gender, Justice, and Neoliberalisms Working Group is a transnational research team exploring questions of gender and justice in the current geopolitical and economic moment. The team includes researchers working across sites ranging from New York City to Detroit, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Madrid, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

    Forthcoming anthology with Routledge 2021

    Women, Sex and Borders Seeing trafficking and sex work migration from the Global South


    This research program explores how sex work migration and human trafficking are practiced, perceived and have impacted two communities in Thailand's Isaan province and Nigeria’s Edo State where migration has become a familiar social phenomenon with many families having a female relative in Europe.

    The project was awarded the Sapere Aude Elite Grant by the Danish Research Council.

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    Going Back Deportation and Return of Nigerian Migrants (MIGMA)


    Transnationalism from above and below: Migration management and how migrants manage (MIGMA) examines European attempts to return Nigerian migrants, enacting a project of exclusion and excision in the pursuit of governance.

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    Points of Departure Trafficking and Migration from Nigeria to Europe


    Points of Departure – migration control and anti-trafficking in the lives of Nigerian sex worker migrants after deportation from Europe.

    The dissertation is about the lives of a group of Nigerian women after they were deported from Europe. Based on fieldwork in Benin City in Nigeria and Copenhagen in Denmark.

    Points of Departure

    Between “Victims” and “Criminals”: Rescue, Deportation, and Everyday Violence Among Nigerian Migrants

    Thai women’s Migration to Europe Risks and Remittances among Migrant Thai Women


    Women from Asia are increasingly traversing borders to marry men in the Western world. This project presented ethnographic research focused on Thai women married to Danish men. The films Fra Thailand til Thy and Heartbound are based on this research.

    Managing Migration: risks and Remittances among Migrant Thai Women

    From Thailand with Love: Transnational Marriage Migration in the Global Care Economy